Free Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation For The Disabled

You might be able to receive a free insulation grant if you receive the following:

  • ESA- Employment and Support Allowance
  • DLA- Disability Living Allowance For Children
  • PIP- Personal Independence Payment
  • AA- Attendance Allowance
  • IDDB- Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
  • SDA- Severe Disablement Allowance

If you have yet to reach the age to receive your State Pension and your health is impacting your ability to work, then you currently might be receiving ESA already.

Have a look at your paperwork associated with ESA/Income Related award. Then, you can proceed with the 2020 ECO scheme. You want to check to see if it’s replaced with Universal Credit.

DLA for those with kids might help with additional costs associated with looking after a child who is not older than 16. The child might have difficulties with walking or other needs that need to be attended to.

PIP has replaced DLA for those between 16 and 64 and who have a disability. If you don’t get DLA, then apply for AA. Furthermore, you can claim what is known as a Constant Attendance Allowance if you require daily care due to being disabled.

ESA has replaced SDA. However, if you were receiving the benefit, then you continue to receive it. You can claim your grant now.

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